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  1. Dear PHPUG Rheinhessen,

    We are gearing up for another exciting ZendCon conference this year. As in the past, we value user groups like yours and wanted to let you know about the following offers specifically for user groups like yours.

    • ElePHPants for your user group.
    • We are offering 1 elePHPant for every user group member who registers for ZendCon. Up to 10 small elePHPants per user group.
    • How? Promote registration to your user group community. Let them know when registering to enter your user group name in the “how did you hear about ZendCon” section of the registration form. I will keep track of everyone who enters the name of your user group. Following ZendCon, I will let you know those who signed up and how many elePHPants we will be shipping to your group.
    • Host a user group meeting onsite. We can provide your user group a meeting space if you’d like to hold a meeting onsite. Just let me know how many people you are expecting and if you would need any special AV needs. We can work to schedule a room for your meeting.
    • The current blind bird pricing is the lowest pricing offered for the conference and you have until May 31, 2017 to take advantage of these prices.

    Please send your contact information to contact@zendcon.com so we can keep you apprised of ZendCon offers and updates.

    – The ZendCon Team


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